An empathetic partner, invested in supporting your fleet-sector business with client-centric business process outsourcing services.

Admin Business Solutions understands the vehicle lifecycle presents automobile hire providers complex, resource-intensive, and time consuming administrative responsibilities; hence, offer affordable part or whole business process outsourcing services, rendered by experienced administrators and proprietary tools, to enable clients to re-prioritise internal resources.

Admin Business Solutions negotiate fair and realistic service level agreements, provide clear and concise management information and encourage frequent review meetings to maintain clients' process consistency, customer services and reputation and afford clients control, capability to make informed business decisions and accountability.

Admin Business Solutions thorough understanding of and approach to business process outsourcing has become a principal aide to premier short-term rental and long-term leasing providers (several of which are listed on the Fleet News 50) and public sector fleets in the United Kingdom.

V5c registration certificate (logbook) management

Context: when a hire provider becomes the registered keeper of a vehicle, they will be issued a V5c registration certificate i.e. logbook.

Inventory audit

Admin Business Solutions will audit your V5c registration certificates; ensuring all recorded details are correct and complete and any absent or obsolete documents are replaced.

Physical and cloud storage

Admin Business Solutions will store your documents and create a cloud-based library for you to view your V5c registration certificates online.

Procurement and disposal of vehicles

Admin Business Solutions will index V5c registration certificates as you procure new vehicles and dispatch perforated V5c registration certificate sections when you want to sell or transfer vehicles.

Private registration mark assignment

Admin Business Solutions will assign and remove customers' private registration marks to and from vehicles e.g. during a long-term lease, and procure updated V5c registration certificates.

Key inventory management

Context: when a hire provider becomes the owner of a vehicle, they obtain its keys. The keys to a vehicle must be dispatched to and recalled from customers consistent with hire agreements.

Inventory audit

Admin Business Solutions will audit the keys to your vehicles; ensuring all keys are labelled with correct and complete details and any absent keys are replaced. This service applies to all keys; for example, ignition, door, master, valet, roof box, storage box, storage drawer, slam lock, deadlock, padlock and refrigerator keys, immobiliser transponders and alarm remote controls.

Physical storage and cloud-based inventory management

Admin Business Solutions will store your keys and create a cloud-based library for you to view, dispatch, recall and track your inventory online.

Procurement and disposal of vehicles

Admin Business Solutions will monitor the delivery of new keys from automobile dealerships when you procure new vehicles and dispatch keys to the new owner and or registered keeper when you want to sell or transfer a vehicle.

Order fulfillment centre

When you hire a vehicle, Admin Business Solutions will ensure your keys are dispatched to the vehicle pick-up location ready for collection by the driver. Admin Business Solutions can also issue replacements to customers, should the primary set be lost or stolen. At the end of the hire-agreement, Admin Business Solutions also monitor the return of keys by customers.

Ministry of Transport (MOT) test and service, maintenance and repair management

Context: when a hire provider supplies an automobile to a customer, it is common practice to include MOT test and service, maintenance and repair plans during the hire agreement.

Hire-agreement compliance monitoring and white-label call centre for MOT test and service, maintenance and repair booking.

Admin Business Solutions will verify that each of your vehicles has a valid MOT test certificate and up to date service history. Whether an MOT test certificate is due to expire, a service, maintenance or recall is due, or the customer requires repair work Admin Business Solutions will liaise with your customers to create a booking at a certified MOT station and or approved garage. Admin Business Solutions will send reminder notifications prior to the booking and follow up the booking to ensure that it was fulfilled.

Road tax management

Context: when a hire provider supplies an automobile to a customer, it is common practice to include road tax during the hire-agreement.

Cost-effective taxation decisions based on vehicle tax rates and hire agreement periods.

Admin Business Solutions will calculate the tax rates for your vehicles and prioritise which vehicles are taxed within your budget. When a vehicle is scheduled for hire, Admin Business Solutions will proactively verify it has a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test certificate and road tax; if road tax could expire during a hire-agreement, Admin Business Solutions will process the V11 reminder or ‘last chance’ warning letter issued by the DVLA to schedule seamless road tax renewal to avoid inconveniencing the customer.

Managing road tax and statutory off road notifications to minimise expenses whilst your vehicles are off the road.

When a vehicle is unused between hire-agreements or scheduled for sale or transfer Admin Business Solutions can cancel the vehicle’s road tax to procure a refund and issue a statutory off-road notice (SORN) to the DVLA to minimise unnecessary expenses.

Driver verification

Context: to comply with the Road Traffic Act (1998), the driver of an automobile belonging to a hire provider must be entitled to drive it.

Instantaneously access driver licence, certificate of professional competence and tachograph card(s) information to verify entitlement to drive.

Admin Business Solutions can digitally issue driving entitlement consent forms i.e. three-year D796 mandates and or obtain licence (including entitlements, endorsements and restrictions), certificate of professional competence (for large goods (LGV) and passenger carrying (PCV) vehicles) and tachograph card(s) information from the DVLA Access to Driver Data (ADD) service and verify the driver’s eligibility against statutory, regulatory and client requirements.

Safeguard your personal hire service or white-label our technology to enhance your fleet management offering

Requests and driver verification information can be digitally exchanged between client nodes and Admin Business Solutions proprietary application programming interface (API), affording scheduled or instantaneous customer verification before or during vehicle collection at the ‘pick-up’ location. Additionally, clients can white label this service; offering it as a fleet management service to customers seeking to frequently verify their employees’ entitlement to drive to satisfy their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974).

Penalty management

Context: when an automobile belonging to a hire provider is used, its driver may commit a contravention; as the owner and registered keeper of the vehicle, the hire provider will receive a notice to owner/keeper from an enforcement authority assuming the company is liable.

Mediation and settlement of penalty charges, parking charges and fixed penalties

If a penalty charge, parking charge or fixed penalty notice is received, Admin Business Solutions will identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of contravention; then, transfer liability for the penalty to the driver, settle the fine, or compose a formal challenge i.e. representation on the hire provider’s behalf. Where necessary, representations will be persisted to notice of appeal and escalated penalties e.g. charge certificates and orders for recovery will be settled or appealed using a witness statement or statutory declaration as appropriate.

Digital collaboration with enforcement authorities for paperless penalty settlement

Admin Business Solutions technology interfaces with enforcement authorities e.g. police forces, councils and private companies nationwide to digitally exchange penalty notices and settlements; hence, minimising the lifespan of penalties and prospects of escalation. Admin Business Solutions digitally record all interactions, affording accountability and straightforward review of service level agreements.

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