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The complete end-to-end outsourced fleet Service Maintenance and Repair booking management service.

ABS offer a complete Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) booking service which can be provided on a complete end-to-end management basis: managing all associated documentation, administrative processes, call-centre operations and payment. Alternatively, ABS can fulfil components of the management cycle or provide access to the powerful SMR booking platform supporting ABS’ service for fleet ‘self-service’.

The system powering ABS SMR booking service welcomes vehicle maintenance into a new era of efficiency, connecting the process with a network of over 9,000 garages nationwide enabling for the straightforward booking of vehicle maintenance across the United Kingdom. ABS SMR booking service covers the entire scope of the SMR booking process.

Book SMR & MOT online

With access to a nationwide network of garages clients can easily select an appropriate partner to service vehicles via a secure portal. Automated notifications highlight vehicles due for servicing; ensuring all vehicles are maintained in an economically efficient manner.

Discounted SMR work

ABS’ SMR booking service utilises pre-negotiated supplier discounts to ensure clients receive the maximum discount available for vehicle maintenance from the supplier network. Clients save an average of 30% on Service, Maintenance, Repair and MOT work.

Manage SMR documents

ABS facilitate the secure onsite and online management of all associated documentation, ensuring immediate access all times. ABS’ document management services ensure a high-level, standards-compliant solution regulated by ABS’ UKAS ISO:27001 accreditation.

Safeguard fleet compliance

ABS SMR booking service guarantees fleet vehicles are always in the best condition possible. ABS ensure that vehicle maintenance is effectively managed, inspiring confidence in the performance and safety functionalities of fleet vehicles and the protection of employees.

Additional services

ABS’ SMR booking service is complimented by ABS’ range of fleet management services, supported by ABS’ dedicated fleet call centre, including: fuel card management, fleet document management, MOT management and RFL management. ABS’ range of available services ensure that the entire scope of fleet vehicle maintenance is managed diligently and performed accurately.

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