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The complete fleet document storage and dispatch management solution.

ABS appreciate modern businesses of all sizes are heavily reliant on documents of all formats; whether these are electronic files or printed hard-copies, they can easily become a storage, administration and management burden as businesses grow. Due to the importance of documentation in the day-to-day processes of fleets, it is vital that the storage, access and destruction of said documents can be regulated in a controlled and efficient manner; as a result, many fleets outsource their document management to ABS.

ABS offer on-site storage and management of printed documentation, an online document storage and management solution and effective document destruction; ABS document management services are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of fleet clients for optimised access, efficiency and organisation. ABS are equipped with the facilities, accreditation and processes to store and manage documents in a secure, confidential and controlled manner. ABS have UKAS ISO: 9001 and ISO: 27001 accreditations; ensuring consistently regulated high processing and security standards. UKAS is the only organisation to be recognised by the government on a national level, ensuring operation in compliance with international standards.

Online storage

ABS' document management outsource solution enables clients' access to ABS’ online fleet administration platform for secure online document storage, access and organisation alongside the opportunity for bespoke system integration, features and workflows.

Onsite storage

With specialist storage equipment within multiple secure and monitored premises, ABS are equipped with the facilities necessary to easily take on document storage and management for any fleet whilst guaranteeing document security and confidentiality at all times.

Minimise expenses

ABS’ fleet document management service enables fleets to easily minimise the costs associated with onsite storage. The need for fleets to purchase additional storage space and secure equipment is averted via utilising ABS’ existing secure premises and storage facilities.

Document destruction

ABS is equipped to destroy documentation and provide official certification upon request. ABS ensures confidentiality standards are maintained inline with data protection regulations and ABS’ UKAS ISO : 9001 and UKAS ISO : 27001 accreditations.

Additional fleet storage solutions

ABS provide a number of bespoke storage solutions for fleets; clients wishing to outsource the storage and management of fleet records often further consider the storage and management of fleet keys and other vehicle assets, more can be found about ABS' specialist fleet key management services at: Fleet Key Management

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