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The complete Driver Licence Checking service, for fleets of all sectors and sizes.

ABS are forerunners in the provision of fleet Driver Licence Checking. ABS are founder members of the Association for Driver Licence Verification (ADLV), as an association contracted to use the DVLA Electronic Driver Entitlement Checking Service; the ADLV encourages best practice through validation of driver entitlement via Driver License Checking to satisfy fleet duty of care obligations.

ABS offer full end-to-end Driver Licence Checking management for any sized organisation, or can provide access to ABS’ automated fleet administration platform to enable ‘self-service’ Driver Licence Checking management. ABS’ Driver Licence Checking service has the flexibility to be tailored or integrated inline with the specific needs of any fleet.

Maximise efficiencies

ABS’ Driver Licence Checking system minimises manual processing and facilitates driver communications for significant operation time savings. ABS’ eConsent process supports automated collection of driver consent online for efficient, legal Driver Licence Checking authorisation.

Minimise expenses

ABS’ Licence Checking service enables optimisation of administration costs; bulk, automated verification and periodic re-checking eliminate the need to devote resource to manual validation and eConsent eliminates consent form printing and postal expenses.

Focus on growth

ABS' specialist team of Driver Licence Checking administrators provide clients with the time and tools necessary to maximise fleet potential; aiding fleets of all sizes in streamlining human resource and administration departments' processes.

Maximise compliance

Automated alerts regarding offences or changes to licence details enables fleets to take immediate action to ensure compliance. The straightforward and legal collection of three year driver consent, ensures a standard complaint Driver Licence Checking process.

Driver Licence Checking System

ABS’ Driver Licence Checking service is facilitated via a bespoke system designed to efficiently cover the scope of any organisations requirements. Furthermore, ABS’ UKAS ISO:27001 and UKAS ISO:9001 accreditations ensure ABS’ system is compliant with all government quality and security standards including the Data Protection Act (DPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Driver Licence Checking features

  • Automated bulk Driver Licence Checking and periodic re-checking and fleet management reports.
  • Assess the live status of employee Driving Licences and their entitlement to drive.
  • Assess, monitor and access reminders concerning employee Driving Licence validity and date of expiry.
  • Assess the accuracy and validity of all employee Driving Licence details.
  • Review Driving Licence endorsements, penalties, points and disqualification status.
  • Assess Driving Licence vehicle categories, indicating the vehicles a driver is permitted to use.
  • Access three year legal online Driver Licence Checking consent, through ABS’ electronic-consent (eConsent) functionality.
  • Instant notification of Driver offences or changes to a Driver's Licence.

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