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The complete driver administration service, for fleets of all sectors and sizes.

As market-leading fleet business processes outsourcing provider ABS are specialists in driver administration. ABS facilitate driver administration management on a bespoke, client- appropriate level managing the complete end-to-end administration cycle, or specific elements in respect to the bespoke needs of clients.

ABS’ team of specialist fleet operators have accumulated decades of experience in driver administration and are experts in all involved processes; as a result, ABS have furthermore remained at the forefront of technological developments and have developed a number of automated, bespoke, in-house systems to support the provision of vehicle administration outsource to our elite fleet clientele.

VE103b management

ABS’ team of specialist fleet administrators, supported by ABS’ in-house fleet call centre, and automated developments provide a full VE103b management solution. ABS manage and distribute complete VE103b foreign travel packs; which consist of either pre-existing documentation provided by clients, or tailor-made documentation produced by ABS’ in-house VE103b specialists.

ABS’ services ensure complete end-to-end VE103b management resulting in timely and efficient delivery of foreign travel packs via a range of delivery services which may be selected in line with client requirements; subsequently ensuring the satisfaction of all legal obligations associated with foreign travel.

ABS further provide a flexible approach to payment management via both manual and electronic solutions to satisfy the bespoke needs and requirements of ABS clients and client customers/drivers.

Welcome pack management

ABS offer a complete welcome pack management service for fleet clients; ABS can manage and distribute existing welcome packs, or our specialist team of fleet professionals can produce bespoke welcome packs to satisfy specific client requirements.

ABS’ welcome pack management service enable clients to provide new customers and or employees with a comprehensive introduction to their business, positively influencing customer and or employee experiences.

Fleet ID card management

Identification cards are of crucial importance in organisations of any size and aid businesses in achieving numerous objectives simultaneously. First and foremost an ID Card acts as genuine proof of employment, ensuring that members of an organisation can prove that they are business representatives both off and on-site. Additionally, identification cards offer employees a sense of belonging, which can subtly improve employee performance.

Identification cards serve many practical applications within an organisation; whether they be a form of identification in the event of an unfortunate accident or simply a means of restricting access to departments based on authority or limited time periods. ABS offer an extensive range of available identification cards and scalable UK printing and delivery service.

Fleet Fuel Cards
Fully comprehensive fuel and fleet management cards permitting drivers to pay for fuel and any additional extras clients choose, from service, maintenance and repair to toll payments and roadside assistance; with chip technology to prevent fraud.

Fleet Driving Permits
ABS Permit to Drive cards interact directly with our online Driver Licence Checking platform. Using inbuilt risk association algorithms our system identifies your drivers’ risk status and license type enabling us to supply your employees with the correct permits.

Medical ID Cards
ABS' bespoke In-Case-of-Emergency Details identification cards are unique medical identification cards enabling you to easily display your emergency contact and treatment details, aiding emergency first responders in the unfortunate event of an unexpected accident.

Complimentary to ABS’ Driver administration services, ABS provide an extensive range of Vehicle administration services; additionally ABS provide a number of specialist fleet administration services such as Fines Management and Driver Licence Checking which can be found on the services page.

Vehicle administration

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