5 Tips for becoming a paperless office

The term 'Paperless office' has been in circulation for well over 30 years; at the time of its first use, the concept of a paperless office encompassed what many business men and women considered to be the fast approaching, indefinite office of the future - where the use of paper would become redundant and a distant memory.

However, despite much excite at the prospect of a paperless office, many modern businesses are still hassled by both the presence of large volumes of paper, and the seemingly large environmental and financial costs associated.

Regardless of the size of your business, this year is as good a year as any to start your shift towards a greener office, here's a few pointers to get you started:

1. Utilising the cloud
Perhaps the most immediate, and substantial operation you can begin in order to create your paperless office is to start shifting your documentation onto the cloud. Using cloud based document management allows you to easily store and share documentation on a multitude of devices, both for personal and business use. You'll no longer have to print documentation off for your colleagues to view and with flexible storage plans you'll only pay for the space you are using - which is ultimately cheaper then acquiring new physical storage facilities.

2. Redesigning your processes
When it comes to initialising your journey to achieve a completely paperless office this step is not one to be overlooked. More often then not a large amount of your paper waste is being generated through unnecessary printing as a result of outdated processes. You should aim to utilise the cloud for your document management and sharing, generate data and reports electronically and make do with fax machines and potentially tempting excess printers. If you need support in updating your processes to the latest platforms you should look to contacting specialist administration providers such as Admin Business Solutions Ltd for assistance.

3. Outsourcing your administration
Not only can administration specialists aid you in streamlining your internal efficiencies, but they can also play a huge role in your venture to create a paper free environment. By outsourcing your administration you'll gain easy access to your suppliers automated electronic systems for paperless reporting, file storage and file sharing, whilst accessing straightforward reductions in postage and printing. If you haven't already, it may be worth considering administrative outsource.

4. Organising your fleet
Quite often your businesses fleet may be a substantial source of unnecessary paperwork, as a result of the numerous tasks involved in the service, maintenance and legalities of your vehicles alongside the logistical organisation and compliance regulation of your drivers. However, specialist fleet administration providers have invested in the development of automated systems to easily remove the paperwork associated with your fleets upkeep. For example, Admin Business Solutions Ltd offer a variety of advanced systems to reduce your paper burden covering all areas of fleet management, including: Paperless Fines Management, Driver Licence Checking supported by an online E-Consent module and an automated Service, Maintenance and Repair booking system.

5. Be realistic
The process of eliminating the use of paper within your business is certainly not one that can happen over night, however this should by no means be considered as a deterrent. Engaging in the endeavour for a greener office environment can be an exciting experience, with opportunities to engage with new business partnerships, your local community and keen employees. In several cases, it may be unrealistic to achieve zero paper use - but there's no harm in trying.

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