The top 5 reasons you should be using telematics to track fleet mileage

In recent years the use of fleet telematics technology has grown exponentially, with an increasing number of new applications in monitoring fleet initiatives becoming available. Tracking your fleets mileage has now become a simple task using telematics technology, bringing a range of benefits.

1. Reduce fleet costs
The data-driven nature of mileage tracking, accompanied by fleet telematics provides fleet logistics and freight managers the tools needed to effectively minimise costs. Through close monitoring of fleet mileage, fuel expenses can be optimised, vehicle wear can be reduced and you can easily avoid overpaying your employees.

2. Effectively manage service, maintenance and repair work
Through tracking your fleets mileage you can easily develop an appropriate service, maintenance and repair schedule for your fleet. In doing so, you will achieve the consistent maintenance necessary to keep your fleet active and avoid unnecessary expenses. Using telematics you can also configure automated mileage-based notifications and reports to help you keep to your schedule.

3. Administration efficiency
Through shifting your mileage tracking onto one connected, digital platform through the use of fleet telematics, all the necessary information you need for effective fleet mileage management is consolidated into one accessible area. This ensures all data is up-to-date and accurate as you'll no longer be hoarding loose paper or trying to individually manage multiple electronic reporting devices.

4. Detailed reporting
Through the use of telematics based mileage tracking you can easily access automated, detailed reports. This will save you the burden of manually compiling your own reports, as your telematics software will provide the detail needed to give a full and transparent fleet overview.

5. Access the full range of telematics features
Through using fleet telematics to track vehicle mileage you also gain full access to the wealth of other features that modern telematics systems can offer. Enabling you to also monitor a range of other initiatives, and optimise the coordination of fleet movements.

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