5 things you need to change about your driving licence checking

As an employer operating a fleet of vehicles it is a necessary part of both your duty of care and health and safety policy to ensure that you perform regular driving licence checks on your employees driving licences. In doing so you're ensuring the safety of your drivers and fleet, and avoid facing penalties in the event of an accident. You may however find that you can improve the way you go about performing your checks.

1. You might not be checking licences
If you're not already verifying the status of your employees driving licences through performing standard driving licence checks, then you should definitely start to. Any driver in your fleet using a vehicle for work without a valid driver's licence is committing an offence, and if you're not checking their licence then so are you.You should perform checks when employing new drivers and periodically afterwards to monitor potential changes.

2. You could be breaking data protection laws
To monitor an employee's driving licence you must obtain their consent, whether it be through a D796 mandate or through new online E-consent modules which entitle you to 3 years worth of consent. Employers may be tempted to use an employee's national insurance number to perform checks without an employee's consent - this is a breach of DVLA data protection requirement and should be avoided with care.

3. You might be missing changes
If you are not using an automated online driving licence checking platform then you may be missing changes to your employees driving licences that they may not wish to openly admit to you. Companies may often find that they perform irregular or infrequent annual checks, however this is not advisable due to the potential for accumulated penalty points to go unnoticed. Using an online platform such as Admin Business Solutions' ABS Driver Licence Check can automate periodic checking and send notifications concerning licence changes directly to your phone.

4. You might be losing time
For many growing fleets manual licence checks are no longer a viable option, performing manual checks proves to be an unnecessarily time consuming task which becomes difficult to justify with openly available online platforms capable of automating the process.

5. You can start to save money
Through using an automated driving licence verification system to your advantage you can easily realise reduced expenses. You'll no longer have to spend unnecessary time performing your checks manually and with automated notifications concerning your drivers risk status' you'll be sure to avoid the event of unexpected expenses.

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