Top 5 reasons your fleet should be using dash-cams

In recent years fleet technology has made significant progress. One of the most useful devices any commercial fleet vehicle can install is a forward-facing camera, otherwise known as a dash-cam. If you've yet to install dash-cams into your fleet, here's a handful of the reasons you should.

1. Crash-for-cash
Possibly the most prevalent reason for the installation of dash-cams in commercial fleets is to provide full protection against crash-for-cash scams; where scammers are responsible for deliberately causing crashes - enabling them to submit fraudulent insurance claims. With the addition of a forward-facing camera these claims can easily be dismissed, as recorded footage can provide sufficient evidence against staged crashes. This enables fleets to easily protect both their vehicles and drivers.

2. Insurance
Where it comes to insurance, dash-cams bring many benefits. Insurance providers recognise that dash-cams can provide the evidence needed to instantaneously solve a claim. Whether it be as a result of a crash-for-cash scandal or a legitimate collision. Dash-cams enable insurance providers to swiftly resolve and process claims and as a result many are willing to offer discounted insurance premiums to drivers using this technology. On the scale of a commercial fleet this can provide significant cost savings.

3. Driver behaviour
Fleet telematics can provide a wealth of data concerning many different fleet initiatives and can become an even more powerful tool when paired with dash-cams. Forward facing cameras can paint a clearer picture of your driver's behaviour, for instance the distance they're leaving between vehicles. From this footage you can find areas to improve upon in your fleets training. Many dash cams also feature interior lenses, enabling you to also observe your drivers responses to different encounters and ensure that their representation of your fleet is professional, whilst ensuring your drivers stay off their mobile phones!

4. Fleet support
Many dash camera models now feature live-streaming capabilities, enabling you to instantly gain access to your drivers view. This enables you to completely support your driver, perhaps with advice against adverse weather conditions or to aid with directions if they happen to find themselves off route.

5. Driver safety
Above all, the installation of dash-cams ensure that your drivers are always safe; not only do they offer you the opportunity to have a constant presence in each of your vehicles for monitoring and support, but they also provide you with the tools to safeguard your fleet in the event of an accident. With dash-cams installed you can be assured that you are fulfilling your fleets duty of care.

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