The top 8 reasons why your fleet should be using GPS Telematics:

Telematics is continuing to develop as one of the most widely used software applications in the fleet and automotive industry. The success of telematics is a result of the numerous benefits it can offer, here's 8 to get you started...

1. Duty of Care Obligations
A complete telematics solution is a fundamental component of any fleet Duty of Care scheme. Telematics provides insights to driver behaviour, location, vehicle condition and a wide range of other data. Enabling fleets to effectively monitor their drivers and provide sufficient training and measures for risk prevention.

2. A Greener Fleet
Companies operating fleets share an ethical responsibility to become more environmentally friendly. Through the use of telematics fleets are able to monitor a wide range of Eco-friendly initiatives by collecting a wide range of data including vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and more.

3. Reduced Fuel Costs
Through the use of fleet telematics fleets can easily gain a comprehensive overview and understanding of their fleets fuel consumption. Fleets can subsequently suggest improvements to their drivers in order to minimise fuel consumption and combat rising fuel costs. 4. Effective Security
Theft of vehicles, equipment and goods can have a detrimental effect on fleets. The use of fleet telematics can effectively combat this issue. Telematics offer a complete asset overview for fleet protection alongside live updates of vehicle and cargo positions which can be used to recover stolen goods.

5. Growing possibilities
The rapid development of new fleet software and technology is enabling fleets to revolutionise their fleet management processes. Telematics can be integrated with a growing amount of software platforms and hardware devices to capture and utilise a multitude of data for effective fleet management.

6. Reduced Insurance Costs
Due to the nature of telematics prioritising driver and vehicle safety, insurance companies are willing to offer reduced insurance premiums for those with telematics systems installed. Fleets using telematics can easily take full advantage of this, realising reduced insurance expenses.

7. Asset Maintenance
Through the use of fleet telematics vehicle maintenance management is made simple. Customised alerts can be configured for mileage, engine use and time intervals enabling fleets to easily create vehicle maintenance plans and ensure the longevity of their fleet.

8. Customer Experience
Through the use of fleet telematics fleets can provide customers with a range of new services to enhance their experience. For instance, real-time delivery tracking, estimated time of arrival for support technicians, or even public transport tracking, it is fair to say that the examples are endless and cover a wide range of industries.

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