At Admin Business Solutions we recognise that within modern and highly competitive marketplaces the role of a company’s active call centre can be critical to both business operations and reputation. At Admin Business Solutions we have developed a skilled team capable of providing a fully outsourced contact centre solution; our team is the proud custodian of our clients' work and puts maximum efforts into upholding their values and reputations. In placing your trust with Admin Business Solutions you will receive an honest and reliable outsourced call centre solution which values clear and responsive communication, enabling you to be confident that your processes and reputation are in considerate hands.

Inbound call centre

At Admin Business Solutions we understand that every business is unique, this is why we offer our outsourced contact centre solution on a fully bespoke basis. We will take into account the specific needs and requirements of your company and customers and tailor exclusive processes to suit your business. We are also able to adopt and diversify your existing processes for optimal efficiency in an outsourced environment. Our friendly and experienced operators are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to offer high standards in a range of inbound call centre services to our clients.

Customer Service Calls

Implementing a consistent and scalable customer service solution is central to developing and upholding your reputation; outsourcing your customer services department with Admin Business Solutions offers your business a professional, friendly and empathetic customer care service. We treat your business and reputation with equal respect to our own and ensure that your reputation and values are upheld in all client and customer communications.

Product Recall Calls

Our specialist team are selected to meet a high calibre; our recruitment process favours candidates displaying diligence, professionalism, politeness and empathy. These traits enable our employees to handle your sensitive inbound calls such as those concerning product recalls. Our employees are equipped to handle your customers’ queries in an appropriate and understanding fashion ensuring that your business' reputation is upheld in delicate scenarios.

Helpdesk Call Centre Outsource

At ABS we appreciate the need for your customers to have access to a reliable and responsive helpline solution. Our operators will develop a full understanding of your products and services in order to fluently and considerately answer any customer queries. We will actively add to a tailored catalogue of call scripts as an aid to answering customer queries alongside actively responding to your customers’ feedback in order to improve your helpline.

Outbound call centre

At Admin Business Solutions we appreciate that the role of an outbound call centre can be vital in the growth and development of companies of all sizes. Our team of specialist operators are enthused with the development of our clients’ businesses and put maximum effort into aiding our clients meeting their goals. We offer a range of outbound call centre services in to support the continuous progression of our clients.

Telemarketing and Telesales

Our team of specialist operators are equipped with the skills necessary to rapidly maximise the sales of your products and services with both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) campaigns. We can aid your team in conducting market research, completing customer surveys, cleansing databases and directly contacting potential customers to generate new leads. Our team will carefully consider your business' Unique Selling Points in order to develop a unique and bespoke approach to selling your products and services.

Recalls and Chasers

As a time-conscious and diligent workforce our team is able to swiftly and empathetically manage sensitive scenarios where products must be recalled or overdue responses need to be chased. We can logically create tailored solutions and detailed timescales to ensure that your deadlines are met to ensure that your process timelines are met. Our operators work calmly and efficiently under pressure to ensure that your specific needs and requirements are met. We have a wealth of experience in this area, specialising in the fleet and automotive industry.

Follow-up Calls

At Admin Business Solutions we appreciate that follow up calls are critical where it concerns both customer services and lead generation. Generating results and developing your reputation are founded upon both a positive approach and consistency, through outsourcing your call centre services to ABS we can work with your in-house team to ensure that your needs are met, minimising the amount of cold leads from potential customers and ensuring your successful leads receive outstanding, notable levels of consistent customer service.

Uphold your reputation

Through outsourcing your call centre with Admin Business Solutions we can easily aid you in developing your levels of customer satisfaction and improve your reputation within your industry. Our operators act with the highest standards of integrity, enthusiasm, empathy and professionalism, ensuring that your company values are upheld in all communications and your reputation respected.

Become more efficient

Outsourcing your call centre enables you to free up time within your in-house team, this enables you to effectively redeploy your employees for maximum output whilst achieving optimised performance in your outsourced call centre activities, through bespoke outsourcing with Admin Business Solutions we can create a working environment optimised for cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Grow your business

Welcoming Admin Business Solutions to become an extension of your in-house sales team enables your telemarketing and telesales operation to rapidly diversify and progress. We can help you to organise an effective telesales strategy based on effective market research and customer feedback in order to drive sales and expand your potential outreach and accessible customer base.

Formed in 1998, ABS set out to provide fleet departments with a fully outsourced administration service and swiftly became one of the UK's leading fleet outsource providers

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