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Our online paperless eFines software welcomes fines administration into a new era of efficiency. The manual process of fines administration can be timely, expensive and open to human error. Our software provides fleets with a highly intelligent and innovative solution enabling the opportunity to easily minimise the administrative burdens associated with the archaic process of manual fleet fines administration.

Through our unique online fleet platform our paperless eFines software offers a secure online portal, with no costly system updates or downloads to install. The portal is easily accessible from any location, enabling fleets access to our fully paperless fleet fines management process from any office across the globe. Providing complete and transparent financial control at any place, at any time.

This cutting edge software brings together fleet management specialist administrators, fines issuing authorities and fleet customers, in a process never before seen by the fleet and automotive industry. Unifying the process for a streamlined approach to fleet fines management, seamlessly benefitting all parties involved.

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The development of our eFines software has transformed the fleet fines management process. Until now, the manual fines management process has experienced an unnecessarily long processing period of a number of weeks, where our software now completes this process within a number of days.

Our web based platform unifies fleet management specialist administrators, issuing authorities and fleet customers in one seamless process. Through instantaneous communications, notifications and reporting, all parties involved experience a refined and efficient fleet fines management process. Our software ensures that clients realise a guaranteed service level agreement of 24 hours.

Minimise your expenses

Our eFines software delivers instant cost savings for all parties involved. Bringing the fleet fines management process onto an automated web-based platform removes many of the costs involved in the former, manual processing of fleet fines.

The level of automation implemented within our eFines platform removes human error in the fines management process, minimising unnecessary expenses. Through its comprehensive suite of fines management tools, the system enables clients to minimise manual input, reducing man-hour expenses.

Additionally, our software eliminates your postal and stationery expenses, amounting in significant savings.

Become eco-efficient

Through the use of our secure online portal for direct communication between issuing authorities, fleet management specialists and fleet customers the process has become completely paperless.

The need for communications via post is no longer necessary, which means that you can easily avoid the environmental costs of associated printing and stationery, and its disposal. This means that you can instantly realise a substantial reduction in your fleet's carbon footprint.

You'll no longer lose fines in transit or spend unnecessarily and you'll contribute to an improved environment!

Stay updated with instant notifications

Our eFines system is supported by an intelligent notifications centre ensuring you're kept in the loop with instant email and SMS notifications

The paperless process

Our eFines platform is a market-leading fleet fines management solution that is revolutionising the fleet fines process through the unification of UK fines issuing authorities, fleet specialist administrators and fleet customers in one, easily accessible online platform. Via a straightforward paperless process fines are effectively managed to meet the requirements of all parties involved, whilst reducing costs and minimising carbon emissions.

1. Fleet administrator

Our online eFines platform encourages fleets to submit the nominated recipients for their accrued fines, and supplies the issuing authorities with the their chosen terms and method of payment for accrued fines; enabling the issuing authority to efficiently and effectively remit fleet fines for swift reconciliation and payment.

2. Issuing Authority

The system provides issuing authorities with access to fleets' driver data, enabling them to easily reconcile their offence records with fleet driver data to efficiently identify offenders. Through the secure online platform issuing authorities are then able to easily issue fleet fines directly to fleet companies nominated recipients for payment.

3. Fleet customers

The issued fine is then delivered through our secure online platform to the nominated recipient. Enabling the subsequent immediate payment of the issued fine to the issuing authority. Seamlessly concluding the online paperless fines process satisfying the needs and requirements of all parties involved.

Formed in 1998, ABS set out to provide fleet departments with a fully outsourced administration service and swiftly became one of the UK's leading fleet outsource providers

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