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Our online driving licence verification software enables fleet transport managers to cost effectively automate periodic bulk driving licence checks. Our automated processes identify drivers posing various levels of risk and alert fleet managers accordingly, enabling you to minimise your fleet risk, protecting your drivers, vehicles and reputation. As founder members of the Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV) our system was the first of its kind and we've kept it up-to-date ever since.

Through our bespoke online fleet platform our eCheck driving licence verification software offers a secure online portal, with no costly system updates or downloads to install. The portal is easily accessible from any location, enabling fleets access to our driving licence verification process from any office across the globe. Providing complete driver monitoring at any place, at any time.

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Data direct from the DVLA

ABS are founder members of the Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV), our online driving licence verification platform provides access to secure and accurate driver licence details provided by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Our platform captures and provides access to any changes to driver details including updated driving offences and assigned offence points, ensuring that you always have access to the most up to date driver details to safeguard your fleet.

Driver E-Consent

Our eCheck platform supports online driver E-Consent enabling drivers to easily provide consent to fleet managers for the monitoring of their driving licence. Via our time efficient process drivers simply log on to our eCheck platform's driver portal and provide their consent online.

Our unique process reduces paperwork by consolidating D796 mandates and driver communications via our online platform. Our process enables drivers to provide consent for a three year period, rather than the 21-day period facilitated through manual checking.

Full control and visibility

Our eCheck driving licence verification platform automatically examines driver details and classifies each of your employees into appropriate risk categories. Through a comprehensive analytics suite our system analyses captured information and associates an independent risk status to each driver, detailing the extent of the proposed risk in accessible automated reports to keep you notified.

Our online platform then automatically rechecks licences at regular intervals and notifies you of any detected changes to your drivers' licences.

Stay updated with instant notifications

Our eCheck system is supported by an intelligent notifications centre ensuring you're kept in the loop with instant email and SMS notifications

Benefiting administration departments of all sizes

Our online eCheck driving licence verification platform supports a number of fleets nationwide of varying sizes. Each of our customers experience unique benefits to their fleet administration departments which are supported by our team of fleet management specialists, in most scenarios we are able to provide the following benefits…

Minimise your costs

Through the use of our accessible online driving licence verification platform fleet administration costs can easily be reduced. Our system enables bulk, automated licence verification and periodic re-checking, eliminating the need for fleets to devote a team to monitoring your drivers, this, accompanied by our online E-Consent process which enables fleets to remove printing and postal expenses makes reducing fleet administration costs an efficient and straightforward process.

Maximise your efficiencies

Through efficient automation our online eCheck platform enables fleet administration departments to more effectively deploy their administrators. The elimination of manual licence checking time alongside distributing and receiving and processing driver communications allows for significant operation time savings. Our E-Consent process enables fleets to quickly and effectively collect driver consent allowing for legal and efficient employee driving licence monitoring.

Become eco-efficient

Our online eCheck platform provides fleets with all the tools necessary to turn the driving licence verification process green. Through the elimination of paper reports, paper communications between fleet administration departments and employed drivers and any associated printing via our accessible online eCheck platform the driving licence verification process becomes significantly more environmentally friendly.

Formed in 1998, ABS set out to provide fleet departments with a fully outsourced administration service and swiftly became one of the UK's leading fleet outsource providers

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