Complete Fleet Telematics Solution

ABS Telematics is the complete fleet telematics solution, supporting fleets in achieving full driver compliance. Our hardware components seamlessly interact with software to identify aspects of driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh acceleration, heavy breaking and cornering and utilise this data to calculate independant risk scores. This risk assessment can be provided to policyholders, insurers and where necessary, drivers, who are able to access Telematics data through our mobile-friendly application. The visualisation of this data aids drivers in improving various aspects of their performance whilst also encouraging drivers to tend towards safe driving styles.

In addition to aiding fleets in improving driver compliance across the board our telematics solutions enables fleets to effectively optimise their operations via in-built reporting and sophisticated algorithms for simultaneous logistical planning and fuel optimisation, enabling our clients to maximise operational efficiency, minimise expenditure and maintain continual control over vehicle and asset movements. ABS' software development team are dedicated to optimising the performance of our telematics solution for our client base and can develop bespoke system integrations and API's upon request, ensuring that you can access your fleet telematics data in a fashion that is meaningful to you.

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Vehicle & asset tracking

ABS Telematics encompasses a range of hardware and software components to create bespoke solutions to maximise your fleet's utilisation and productivity; ensuring that your vehicles are driven safely, environmentally and economically and that your assets are safeguarded from theft and misuse.

Our team will prepare a bespoke solution for your business, ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary Telematics tools to effectively safeguard and manage your fleet and accompanying assets in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Optimised logistics

ABS Telematics provides a suite of tools enabling users to effectively optimise operations. Our software goes beyond the capabilities of basic route planning software, performing only on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, by enabling fleets to simultaneously optimise the logistics of multiple vehicles, routes and schedules.

Our team is able to offer fleets free, no-obligation benchmarking services to accurately demonstrate potential savings made through our optimisation tools; explaining the benefits for your fleet and minimising risk in the investment decision for your organisation.

Fuel management

ABS Telematics equips users with the tools necessary to efficiently optimise fleets' fuel usage. Using live data feeds our software provides users with national fuel averages; through analysing collected fleet behaviour information our system then proposes methods of optimisation for your fleet and provides comparative data to break-down expenses and potential savings.

Our team is able to perform further analysis on your fleet's fuel expenditure by comparing the data collected by our Telematics software with the reports gathered by our ABS Fuel Card service.

Complete range of telematics hardware

Our software integrates seamlessly with an expansive catalogue of fleet hardware ranging from vehicle tracking devices, automotive dash-cameras and asset diagnostics devices. Get in touch and We'll recommend the best solutions for your fleet, maximising operational efficiency and safeguarding your valued vehicles, assets and employees.

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Monitored and refined for complete optimisation

ABS is providing a growing number of bespoke benefits to fleets of all sizes as our range of Telematics hardware and software applications continues to develop and remain at the forefront of telemetry technology's rapidly growing popularity in the fleet and automotive industry. We release automated firmware updates wirelessly ensuring your devices are regularly kept up-to-date with no manual system updates or downloads to install

Minimise your costs

Through the use of ABS Telematics hardware and software components effective analysis of driver behaviour, logistical planning and fuel averages is used to recommend optimisation for your fleet's activities in order to drive down fleet expenses, enabling you to minimise fuel, insurance and service, maintenance and repair expenditure.

Safeguard your fleet

Our Telematics hardware and software ensures complete protection of fleet vehicles, drivers and assets. Our range of tools, from vehicle tracking devices and cameras to in built software functionalities such as SMS alerts of asset damage and theft ensures that your fleet is safeguarded at all times, in all scenarios.

Become more eco-friendly

ABS Telematics uses powerful logistical algorithms to plan vehicles, routes and schedules in order to optimise fleet activities. In doing so you can efficiently manage your fuel usage and carbon emissions. Through effectively optimising fleet logistics fleets' carbon footprints can easily be minimised along with expenditure.

Formed in 1998, ABS set out to provide fleet departments with a fully outsourced administration service and swiftly became one of the UK's leading fleet outsource providers

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