Safegaurding your health in unforseen scenarios

Admin Business Solutions In-Case-of-Emergency-Details products, otherwise known as ABS ICED products, are a range of items specifically designed to provide medical professionals with an individual's emergency medical details in the unfortunate event of accident. Our range of products have been designed with portability, ease of access and clarity in mind ensuring that our customers are safeguarded in the unfortunate event of an accident; the ABS ICED range enables our client partners with a new opportunity to focus on social value initiatives within their business.


The ABS ICED range began with the development of the ABS ICED Disc; the ABS ICED Disc sits comfortably within a vehicles Tax Disc holder. With the expiry of the Tax Disc in October 2014, the ABS ICED Disc is the perfect solution for people who wish to still have a meaningful disc on their windscreen.

The ABS ICED Disc encompasses a leaflet which unfolds to present an individual's details. This space can easily be populated with the emergency and medical details of an individual by hand, or printed upon request. This solution provides instant access to medical information such as allergies and blood type alongside emergency contact details which may prove critical in the event of an emergency.


Following the development of the ABS ICED Disc began the design of the complementary ABS ICED ID Card. The idea behind this addition to the range stemmed from ABS' success in printing ID and Fuel cards for car leasing and manufacturing companies in the fleet and automotive sector. The ABS ICED Card acts as a standalone or complimentary item within the range; the fore side of the ABS ICED Card acts as an ID card, with an abbreviated selection of an individual's critical medical information on the reverse.

The ABS ICED Card is the same size as a standard credit/debit card and can sit comfortably in wallets, purses and phone cases. This adds a new dimension of portability into the ABS ICED range and ensures that no matter the situation your personal treatment details can always be accessed by medical professionals.

ABS ICED Accessories

To ensure that our customers have the necessary accessories to ensure they can get the most out of their ABS ICED products, we have added a variety of portability accessories to our ABS ICED range to ensure that your emergency and medical details are easily accessible and available to medical professionals at all times.

Our range of portability accessories include lanyards, window wallets and keyrings, these items alert those around you that you have your medical details to hand and ensure that your details are easily accessible in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Maybe you know someone who can benefit from our ICED products?

If you know someone who could benefit from any of our In-Case-of-Emergency range we'd love it if you could let them know; the use of our range could make a significant difference should one of your friends, family or loved ones find themselves in an unforeseen scenario where their emergency medical and contact details may be needed. We want to make sure that you and your community are safeguarded should an unfortunate situation arise. You can easily share this page via the social media buttons on the edge of your browser.

Formed in 1998, ABS set out to provide fleet departments with a fully outsourced administration service and swiftly became one of the UK's leading fleet outsource providers

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