Minimise vehicle downtime by efficiently integrating market-leading solutions to effectively safeguard your fleet.

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Safeguard your fleet with market-leading solutions today

Fleet Telematics

Integrate a complete telematics solution into your fleet and access a full fleet overview detailing driver behaviour, fuel data, asset diagnostics, logistical route planning and more.

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Dash Cameras

View our fleet dash camera store for our range of vehicle safety cameras, suitable for a wide range of vehicles and directly integrating with our fleet telematics solution.

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Online SMR Booking

Easily book vehicle service, maintenance, repair and MOT work via our online SMR booking platform; offering an outsourced, automated alternative to manual booking.

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Safety products developed by fleet specialists for fleet specialists

Our fleet safety products and services are supported by our team of specialist fleet administrators with over two decades experience in the fleet and automotive industry

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Safety products designed to benefit your operations

Since 1998 Admin Business Solutions has been developing solutions to enhance fleet management processes; backed by our team of specialist fleet administrators we pride ourselves on providing market-leading safety products and services with the key aim of safeguarding our clients fleets. Our fleet safety solutions are revolutionising fleets' approach to managing fleet compliance and duty of care responsibilities, aiding our clients in achieving countless benefits.

Safeguard employees

Safeguard employees via monitoring driving behaviour, efficient logistical management and live dash-cam feeds for support.

Minimise downtime

Reduce vehicle downtime through cost-effective, efficient management of vehicle service, maintenance, repair and MOT work.

Maximise eco-efficiency

Reduce your carbon emissions and fuel efficiency via effective logistical management and intelligent software automation.

Enthusiastic and proffesional support

Our team of fleet specialists are equipped with the training and skills necessary to support your fleet from your safetly solutions trial period through to implementation and day-to-day use.

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Accredited and established members of the fleet industry

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Meet the team safegaurding your business

Our team of fleet specialists have over twenty years of experience in the fleet and automotive industry, enabling us to develop products that are useful to you.

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